Live Art Club is a monthly open platform for performance art, taking place on Sunday afternoons at Cafe OTO (Hackney) and online.
It is free to attend and free to participate in.

It offers artists space to try out ideas within a supportive community. We cherish passion, risk and failure. We celebrate indecency, aberration and formal corruption or mutation. We cheer for purity and impurity.

Everyone is welcome to come, to watch, to join in, to present or to perform - we welcome those with years of experience, those who have never tried performing before, those on the run from more traditional disciplines, those who don’t know what-the-fuck-Live-Art-is.

Live Art Club is run by queers and exists as a context outside of theatre, dance, fine art and academia.


Live Art Club is co-facilitated by Rachel Gammon, Nicol Parkinson, Phoebe Patey-Ferguson, Joseph Morgan Schofield & An* Neely, with support from the Live Art Development Agency (LADA).
Live Art Club [London]